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Hello world :)

in Version 1.2.1 of CommuniSation there is fixed the WiFi bug, the boot bug and much more. Don't be shy and look in the thread :)

Greets BanB

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After gaining our latest member, itzdarockz, for a total of 5 members on our new development team, I am proud to announce we are now developing for 7 different devices. the current devices we either have a custom rom on, or are working on one are the following:
HTC Evo 4G
HTC Sensation
Nook tablet
T-mobile Move
Samsung Infuse
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After a long time on working it, the tweaks app "CommuniTweaks" is ready. But it isn't public, at the moment only for testing. So you must wait to get it. Sorry :)

Greets Phil
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I am proud to present our first custom rom, CommuniSation, by team member BanB. It is for the HTC Sensation and is available in English and German.
Based on the HTC Ville C2 RUU (1.11.401.110)
android 4.0.3
sense 4
uses the SebFM 1.5.2 kernel
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